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Competition for Les Mills

In November 2018 Second Step ran a competition sponsored by Les Mills for girls at Baradene college to be into win a summer member ship to LES MILLS NEWMARKET.

During exam season Baradene students were asked to bring in their school shoes so that the shoes could be collected by Second Step who would donate the shoes to lower decile schools. Year 11 students going into year 12 would no longer need their school shoes as they are not a part of the senior uniform. After their last exam girls were asked to leave their shoes in a box outside the examination room which was collected by Second Step. When the girls donated their shoes, they wrote their name on a sticker attached to the shoes to be entered into the competition. After exams were finished, all entries were placed in a hat and the founder of Second Step drew the winner by randomly pulling out one of the names from the hat. The winner won a summer member ship to LES MILLS NEWMARKET.

Second step would like to say a big thankyou to Les Mills for sponsoring this competition, and helping us to raise awareness of Second Step and be able to collect shoes to donate to schools across Auckland.

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