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Help make a difference 
Who are we?

'Second Step' is a non-profit organization set up by Molly Hillman as 15-year-old student. Molly decided that she wanted to help the community by doing everything she could to make sure that every child in her New Zealand had a warm well-made pair of shoes to attend school in. 


'Second Step' recognized the fact that children's feet grow very quickly and families are forced to keep buying shoes. Many families are unable to afford a new pair of shoes for their child and so we thought that a simple connection, between people who are not using pre-loved shoes, with children and families who could make use out of them. It is a simple relationship made through 'Second Step'.

Second Step aims to provide second hand school shoes to children who need them. We need kind people to donate unwanted/preloved school shoes for us to clean, repair and distribute.

For more information go to donors page.

Second Step's donated shoes will go to a wide variety of schools who have families who struggle to buy them. Any school may apply to receive any number of shoes for students at their school.

For more information visit Receivers page.

For Second Step to achieve their goals, we look for supporting companies or people to help provide resources or donations to further help Second Step. 

For more information visit the Supporters Page.

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